10 annoying stereotypes about Polyamory

 When new forms of life arise in a society, false views are often created about it, just as the ten annoying stereotypes about polyamory shown in this German article reporting typical statements from monogamous people when they find out you´re polymaorus.

The ten stereotypes about Polyamory from the article

  1. I couldn´t do that
  2. I don´t want to share my partners
  3. When did you decide to live polyamorously?
  4. You are single, how can you be polyamorous?
  5. Isn´t Polyamory just an excuse for cheating?
  6. Aren´t you jealous?
  7. Polyamory is certainly great for men, but I feel so sorry for the women.
  8. Do you always have threesomes?
  9. ‎I don’t think that polyamory will prevail.‎
  10. ‎This all sounds exciting, what you say, but…‎

Did any of this sound familiar? At least now you know you´re not alone. If you´re curious abut the whole German article you might want to try Google or Microsoft translation.

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