After much hesitation – i was not sure if i can contribute anything that has not been said already – i decided to make it the first topic of my work as a freelance writer and let people decide for themselves if they think i have something important to say.

This website started in december 2010 (if i exclude all the technical trouble i went through in november). I have a full time job, so I will not have as much time for it as i would like, but I strive to post new information here regularly.

In the beginning stages this website is a kind of research project on polygamy. It is especially dedicated to the question whether – in states that have based their constitution on the concept of human rights / individual rights – it is actually right if citizens are denied the right to live in lawful polygamous relations. Read more on the pages in the menue section: Polygamy.

As of 21/02/2011 (First published on: 25/12/2010)

Notice: This article is translated from an original article

Contribute to informing about Polyamory and Polygamy with competence.

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