Comedian DeRay Davis polyamorous relationship

An interview in the daytime talk show The Real triggered discussions about Comedian DeRay Davis polyamorous relationship, as the Atlanta Black Star reported on 11th November. The most unusual statement in it was that he did not want to marry the women, but rather that it would be better for the women to marry each other.

Excerpt from the interview

On “The Real,” Davis said that everyone in his household lives harmoniously, and he shunned the playboy image that some people may have of him.

“I’ve been with one for about five years, the other one for almost two and half years now,” he explained. “They’re very comfortable, ’cause I’m very open. I don’t make it where it’s all, ‘Oooh, look what I’m doing.’ I’m not a player.”

Davis also said that he isn’t interested in marrying either one of the women. Instead, he said, “I’d rather they marry each other, and I’ll just be with both of them.”

Video of the Interview

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Comedian DeRay Davis polyamorous relationship

Are Three-Way Relationships the New Thing? DeRay Davis’ Unconventional Relationship Sparks Discussion

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