What is polyamory coaching all about?

You might wonder what is polyamory coaching? What could be the themes of a polyamory coaching? Below I have listed some typical questions to give you an idea.

The themes of your individual polyamory coaching or the consultation for an open relationship are of course determined by you. At the beginning of the consultation, we determine together what you want to discuss and what you want to achieve.

Some typical themes of a polyamory coaching or consultation on an open relationship

  • How does polyamory or an open relationship work?
  • What forms of polyamory or open relationship are there?
  • Is polyamory or open relationship a natural way to live?
  • Am I just afraid of attachment, or am I sex addicted?
  • How do I find out if I am suitable for polyamory or open relationship?
  • What is the best way to start with polyamory or open relationship?
  • How do I explain it to my partner without hurting him/her?
  • What should I consider before trying polyamory or open relationship?
  • What about jealousy in polyamory or an open relationship?
  • How do I get to know other people who live polyamory or an open relationship?
  • How do I deal with prejudices about polyamory or open relationships?

Which questions do you have? Make an appointment.

Learn more about Polyamory coaching by Viktor Leberecht.

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