Viktor Leberecht is my pseudonym for my work as a free lance author. The focus of my work is to promote that the freedom to choose the form of marriage and family life is recognised as a human right and that the voluntarily and knowingly entered-into polygamy is legalized as a form of marriage. I develop my ideas independently, and i am not a member of any religion or sect or similar groups. You may find out about my reasons for promoting free choice of the form of marriage and family life by reading the About-section and my Theses on polygamy and monogamy which along with more information can be found under the menu section polygamy. is the english-language version of

Attention: Please excuse it if answers to your questions or moderation of your comments take some time. I run all of my websites, and my activity on various social platforms in addition to my full time job (+ household and family life), that is, on evenings and weekends.

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