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It is quite simple to do that. You will benefit from the existing and increasing reach of this website, which is available in German and English.

For the time being, I can not pay any fees, because I don´t get paid either. I hope to change that in the medium term. If you are registered with German VG Wort, you can insert your Zählpixel in the article or report the article manually.

All contributions by guest authors are checked by the website operator before publication. Viktor Leberecht, the operator of Polyamory Magazine, publishes the contributions by guest authors. These contributions represent their own personal experiences and opinions.

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  • You know something about polyamory, polygamy and/or open relationships, preferably from your own experience.
  • You may write about your own experiences with polyamory, polygamy and/or open relationships. Or you may write an article about a related topic, or a report about an event, or a commentary. The latter may be critical or even sharp in tone, but always within the framework of what is appropriate in a civil society.
  • You may also publish information about upcoming events here. Please provide the text with enough time for the editorial check.
  • Minimum of 2000 characters, or more.
  • Please submit your article in English. If you can also provide it in German, e.g. with Google or Microsoft Translator, that would be great, but I can take care of that.
  • If you want to provide your article in other languages please inquire via the contact form, which is also linked at the end of this article.
  • It would be helpful if you were able to provide a royalty-free image to accompany the article, preferably a picture you own. I can provide pictures via my editing tools, but you know best what fits with your article.
  • It is best if you can write well because this website strives to have a journalistic quality. But if you don´t have much writing experience, don´t worry. Especially if you write about personal experiences it´s best if your own voice comes through. I can then help you with editing.
  • Please provide your text free of typos and other mistakes. That is really easy these days as text software like MS Word, Google Docs etc. have all these checks included.
  • You can also re-publish any texts that you have already published elsewhere here. Please rewrite the text then, to avoid duplicate content, which gets “punished” by Google, as well as a link to the original text.
  • You may publish under a pseudonym; I do that too. But I can be found via my address given in the Imprint. And I am responsible by the law for this website and every content published here. Therefore, I can post your text only if you provide me with your real name, address and phone number, under which I will call you to check if you´re real. These details will, of course, remain confidential.
  • Even if you write under a pseudonym, please describe yourself and your relationship to polyamory, polygamy or open relationships in three or four sentences, then the readers will learn about you and why they should read your article. The text will appear in your Author profile that will be shown under the article and in the List of Authors.
  • If you want, add a picture of yourself; If you want to remain anonymous, you can make your face unrecognizable. If you don´t want to provide a picture, that´s fine; the WordPress Software that I use for this website will then show a grey head in your profile.

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The website Viktor Leberecht - What it´s about and an overview of the contents

On the website of Viktor Leberecht, - an Expert, Speaker, Author and Coach for Polyamory and open relationships, and also an activist for love and family life free from excessive government regulation -, you may find current articles and general information on polyamory, polygamy and open relationships. And you will learn how we all, including the followers of monogamy, are unnecessarily and unlawfully restricted by excessive government regulation of our love and family lives.

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You will find articles that I have either written myself or found all over the world, and some by Guest Authors.

General information about polyamory, polygamy and open relationship

What is Polyamory?: the English translation of the subpages is still in the works. They will give information e,g. about prejudices about polyamory, lists of polyamory events and meetings and polyamory dating websites, as well as information about polyamory science with results from research on polyamory and many other topics.

What is polygamy? the English translation of the subpages is still in the works. They will give information about, for example, prejudices about polygamy and how things really are, polygamy introductions, and polygamy science with results from research on polygamy.

What is Open Relationship? this area is still completely in the works. Once done, it will give information about, for example, prejudices about open relationships and how things really are, open relationship introductions, and open relationship science with results from research on open relationships.

My theses on love and family free from excessive government regulation in a democratic society

In 2010 I wrote theses about the possible contribution of non-monogamy to the modern democratic society based on human rights and equal rights, which I have constantly developed further. From the theses, you may learn how we all, including the followers of monogamy, are restricted by excessive government regulation of our love and family life. Theses on love and family free from excessive government regulation.

Expert, Author, Speaker and Coach for Polyamory and Open Relationships

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