Polyamorous people are perfectly normal

Polyamorous people are perfectly normal, and they want you to know that, as an article in the British Gay Star News announced on November 3. I not only like the fact that this article presents polyamory as normal, but also that it does so using examples of homosexual people. Despite all the discrimination that still exists, it is simply great when homosexual and polyamorous people describe themselves as normal.

Polyamorous people are perfectly normal

Polyamorous people want you to know their relationships are just like yours

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Viktor Leberecht studied history and is a trained and experienced journalist. He does not belong to any religion or ideological group. Since 2003 Viktor has been living in a polyamorous and open relationship with a woman who was married to another man - her husband died in 2018. Viktor gives speeches and writes about polyamory and its marital form, polygamy, to inform, dispel prejudice and promote social acceptance of polyamory and polygamy.

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