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Polyamory Coach is mentioned in Freiburg city magazine Chilli in an article of June eighteenth, 2018. In an informative and entertainingly written report about a polyamorous throuple relationship, I am quoted as an expert on polyamory with reference to my work as a Polyamory Coach and a link to my website.

Excerpts from the report with a mention of Polyamorie Berater in the Freiburg city magazine Chilli

I particularly liked the fact that it is an article about a woman with two men because many people have the prejudice that polyamory is something for pashas with a harem.

The two men make interesting statements in the interview:

Neither man wants an additional partner. Even a monogamous relationship is out of the question for Yannick. “I have everything I need. The simple understanding between men, a household with my best buddy and a relationship with a beautiful woman. What more do you want?” Sharing his partner with his best buddy is “pleasant” for the 22-year-old. It makes many things easier, he could not imagine it any other way. For Michael, too, a strong feeling of trust arises from “having something in common” – an important factor in their relationship.

And also to prejudices one learns interesting things, whereby I like again, how the men deal with it:

The graphic designer doens´t care about accusations that she only wants sex with several men: “If I had only wanted sex, I would have found a simpler arrangement with Yannick. Then I wouldn’t have to do laundry for a second man.” Nevertheless, there are also prejudices that offend her. It is difficult for her when strangers intervene in her intimate love life. “They philosophize loudly and tastelessly about my sexuality. That’s very humiliating.” The two men are calmer. “Unfortunately, most people are compulsively looking for problems with others in order not to have to deal with their own,” says Michael.

The original article in German “Liebe im Dreieck: Wie es drei Freiburger schaffen, eine polyamore Beziehung führen“.

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