Preparing something new

Something new is in preparation by Viktor Leberecht. I am currently spending many hours preparing something new for Polyamory for the Internet.

Publication here suffers from this, but, dear readers, I think the wait will be worth it. Please stay with me.

In the article series New content on Viktor Leberecht Blog you will find all articles about special new content about polyamory, polygamy and other topics.

Other series of articles

This article series is part of the article series on Viktor Leberecht Blog. You can find further article series, for example:

Polyamory (coming soon in english)
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As well as the series Deadly serious

My Theses on Polygamy and Monogamy in a Democratic Society

If you´re interested in my opinion about polygamy and its possible contribution to a modern, human-rights based democratic society, please read my theses on polygamy and monogamy.


Keine Schlagworte.

Contribute to informing about Polyamory and Polygamy with competence.

About Viktor Leberecht 96 Articles
Viktor Leberecht is my pseudonym for my work as a freelance author. I am a studied historian, as well as a trained and experienced journalist. I have lived in a polyamorous relationship with a woman who is married to another man since 2003. I write about polyamory and its marital form, polygamy, to inform, refute prejudice, and to promote the social acceptance of polyamory and polygamy. I am committed to multiple relations within the framework of human rights, which, of course, means the same rights for everybody.

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