The man with three girlfriends

+ Viktor Leberecht contributes some expert observations

To be the man with three girlfriends, that’d be something, wouldn’t it? Heaven on earth, probably many men would think, who don’t know polyamory yet. And it serves the cliché of the pasha so well. But only at first glance. In the long, detailed and in my opinion very well written article in German “Wie Joost mit drei Frauen in einer polyamorösen Beziehung lebt” which translates to “How Joost lives with three women in a polyamorous relationship”, the author Mandy Rutkowski takes a look behind the scenes in of 24th February. And I, Viktor Leberecht, was interviewed as an expert.

I´ll give a short summary here, and those of you who would like to read the full article in their language can copy/paste it into which is extremely good except for always translating Polyamorie = Polyamory into “polyamority”. 

The man with three girlfriends: Heaven on earth or rather exhausting?

Joost from Amsterdam, who was interviewed for the article, obviously has a lot of experience and a personality that seems to be full of energy but has learned a lot from his polyamorous experience. He describes the advantages and disadvantages of a polyamorous relationship. And he is certainly not a pasha. Last but not least, he has given one of the best answers I ever heard to the question that has been asked time and again, whether polyamory is not exhausting with all the coordination:

“I am often asked whether polyamory is not exhausting. All I can say is: ‘Is it exhausting to have a family in which you want to give affection and attention to everyone involved? It’s very comparable for me.” However, he admits that coordination and planning are necessary in order to do justice to all partners.

I find it ingenious to compare polyamory to what people do in terms of coordination in a “normal” family. Shows once more how normal polyamory actually is.

Why live polyamory at all, and what the expert says

The article does a good job of explaining what polyamory means in theory and practice, and gives an (my) answer to the often-heard question of why people want polyamory at all (finally I can quote myself):

“In recent decades, people all over the world have increasingly turned away from traditional ways of life, partly because they know from their own experiences and divorce statistics that monogamous marriage does not work as a way of life for most people,” explains Viktor Leberecht, Berlin-based relationship expert with a focus on polyamory.

What else Joost has to say about polyamory

The article contains many good statements from Joost. But I can’t and won’t “steal” all of them, only this one, about polyamory and compassion:

In polyamory it is very important to be able to feel empathy and compassion and joy when your partner feels good. Even if you are not the one currently making her feel good.

The article from February 24 “How Joost lives with three women in a polyamorous relationship” at article was translated with help from

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