Thesis 4: The establishment of monogamy in the western societies of today is a remainder from the days when the christian religion shaped the life models.

In my native Germany, for example, after the Second World War, when we gave ourselves a new constitution based on human rights, monogamy was kept as a rule as a matter of course. Not much thought was given to the question if this was coherent with the concept of individual rights. But the time in which the christian religion shaped life patterns – which without any question were usually set down in law – is long over. Most people in Germany and many other western countries don´t see the christian way of life as a model anymore, and many are not even christians.

In a free society laws have to reflect the reality of life in a society and to regulate it accordingly, but are not meant to enforce ideological or religion-based life models or to lay down inherited forms of life forever. Above all, society in Germany today is based on the concept of human rights which establish a separation of church and state and religious freedom. If the state turns christian lifestyles into laws that is a violation of the human right of religious freedom. In Germany it is also a violation of the constitutionally established separation of church and state.

This is Thesis 4  of the Theses on polygamy and monogamy by Viktor Leberecht. Click here to continue to the next thesis.

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