Viktor Leberecht on polyamory in the german magazine Spiegel

Viktor Leberecht on polyamory in the german magazine Spiegel in its current print edition as well as online behind the Paywall, in a detailed article on polyamory titled The Final Emancipation.

The article presents the beginnings of polyamory as a female and feminist project. In addition, current developments on polyamory, especially in Germany, are reported. Among them the release of Sex at Dawn in a german version and the book [amazon_textlink asin=’3351050380′ text=’Wie wir lieben’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’viktoramazonawsfurplugin-21′ marketplace=’DE’ link_id=’72f6f3e8-01b3-11e7-8fc3-5929c59c295c’] by Friedemann Karig.

It is in this context that the article also makes mention of a Viktor, only giving the first name. For the “initiated” ;-), I am easily recognizable from the context. My partner Véronique and me were interviewed for this book. Here is what the article says:

… the story of a man named Viktor, who fights for the rights of polyamorists. For example, he advocates that “voluntarily and knowingly entered polygamy between consenting adults as a marriage form should be legalized”. If the gay and lesbian marriage is legal – why not the multiple marriage? Numerous hate commentaries reached him. “For many people, we are sexually perverted.”

If you want to read the whole interesting article, you have to either buy the print edition or read it online behind the paywall. Hint: you can also test the online edition four weeks for free.

Die endgültige Emanzipation

This is one of the articles in the series of articles called Viktor in Onlinemedia on Viktor Leberecht Blog.

My Theses on Polygamy and Monogamy in a Democratic Society

If you would like to find out about my opinion on polygamy and its possible contribution to a modern, democratic society based on human rights, please read my theses on polygamy and monogamy.

More information about Polyamory (currently only in german, english site under construction)

If you are looking for general information about Polyamory, then visit my website Polygamie ist gut für Sie, and there the area Polyamorie ist gut. You will find information on what is Polyamory, how Polyamory works, where you can meet other people living Polyamory, as well as other topics in various sub-areas, for example:

More information about Polygamy (currently only in german, english site under construction)

On my website Polygamie ist gut für Sie you will also find information, what polygamy is, how polygamy works, prejudices about polygamy, as well as other topics in various sub-areas, for example:


Contribute to informing about Polyamory and Polygamy with competence.

About Viktor Leberecht 96 Articles
Viktor Leberecht is my pseudonym for my work as a freelance author. I am a studied historian, as well as a trained and experienced journalist. I have lived in a polyamorous relationship with a woman who is married to another man since 2003. I write about polyamory and its marital form, polygamy, to inform, refute prejudice, and to promote the social acceptance of polyamory and polygamy. I am committed to multiple relations within the framework of human rights, which, of course, means the same rights for everybody.

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