Why the representation of Polyamory in the Media is important

If you are unsure whether and why the representation of Polyamory in the Media is important, I recommend an article by the scientist Stefan Ossmann from the University of Vienna, dating from January 2017.

The media co-determine the social discourse. Especially when it is a new topic on which people do not yet have a fixed opinion (“schemes”), what the audience receives in the media makes a strong contribution to the opinion-forming process. This approach is called “framing” in communication studies.

In other words, the representation of polyamory in the media shapes people’s perception, especially for those who are not familiar with polyamory from their own experience.

Quality of the representation of Polyamory in the media varies a lot

The quality of the representation of polyamory in the media varies a lot. Just click through the articles that Polyamory Magazine reports about. Soon you will notice that it is often presented differently. You can find examples of this in the article series Introductions to Polyamory, or you can read one or more of the monthly summaries of Polyamory in the German media.

Even on Polyamory websites, blogs, forums, there is a lot of discussion about whether something is Polyamory or not. And Stefan Ossmann reports in the article linked below that researchers also use different definitions for Polyamory. It is therefore good that Ossmann is doing research on this and will publish the results in 2019.

Why the representation of Polyamory in the Media is important

50 Shades of Polyamorie: Warum es wichtig ist, was über Mehrfachbeziehungen in der Zeitung steht

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